Kessowjee Nayak Fountain and Clock Tower Renovated by Nayan Bheda, CMD – Neptune Group

Mumbai’s 140 year old heritage Kessowjee Nayak Fountain and Clock Tower has undergone a complete makeover this Women’s Day. The Kutchi Community was overwhelmed by this renovation project as the monument was built by the Kutchi Dasha Oswal community’s Shiromani (the most revered person) Late Shri Kessowjee Nayak in 1876. Having being inaugurated by the state’s chief minister Shri Devendra Fadnavis, the event saw great enthusiasm as women performed the traditional ‘Dhol and Tasha’.

The Kutchi Dasha Oswal Community (KDO) is a minority Jain community of our country. With most of its population present in Mumbai, the ‘Fountain-cum-Hut’ monument holds an emotional significance for them. The community came forward to renovate the architecture which is located at Bhaat Bazar, Masjid Bunder, Mumbai. This 20-plus feet monument has been recognized as a ‘Grade II Notified Heritage’.The renovation of this magnificent monument was undertaken by Mr. Nayan Bheda, President KDO Community, and Managing Director of Neptune Group, Mumbai.

The renovation has rewritten the history of its construction on January 8, 1876. It was made using basalt, limestone and malad and red stones. The monument also exhibits a magnificent carving, a metal dome and a tower clock.

Mr. Nayan Bheda has undertaken this project with an emotional attachment to its cause. He said ”We have undertaken the renovation work of this monument to preserve our community’s pride and the glory of commendable work done by our eminent predecessors. Their relentless hard work and contribution to Mumbai’s KDO community has been exemplary and we want to tell their inspiring work to the coming generations. This renovation will reclaim the lost glory of this monument and will soon become Mumbai and Masjid Bunder’s most interesting places to visit.”


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