Neptune Group – Lotus (Mulund West)

Neptune Group – Lotus (Mulund West)
Neptune Lotus is the new project of Neptune Group which takes exclusivity and luxury to never-seen-before levels. BHKs are passe these apartments are FFF (full floor flats) which means your home takes up solo status in an entire storey. Spaces arc left up to your imagination, and not just your home but even its surroundings can be customized just the way you want them.A taste of the luxury and exclusiveness you can expect begins well before you enter your home it starts in your own private entrance lobby and lift and continues as you step onto the floor that you share with nobody else. Here’s another glimpse into the heights of high living. Your spacious living room opens out on a vast private party deck effectively turning it into your own little banquet hall.

2 thoughts on “Neptune Group – Lotus (Mulund West)

  1. Wow it’s really great to hear that for this project they are providing extra space also so that we can make our imagination.


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